Sunday, February 1, 2009


I'm not going to give some long apology for my absence from the blog. I've been busy and nothing interesting has happened to me. End of story.

I did have an incident on Friday that was a great source of amusement for my family. My mom wished she could have a picture, so I have drawn a series of diagrams to illustrate the incident.

THE STORY: Lily and Jack were dancing in the living room. Lily asked if we could play ballet school, so I said "Sure!" We stood together and I showed her all of the ballet positions and how to plie. She showed me how she twirls. Everyone was smiling and having fun, including Jack. Let me tell you, nothing is more amusing than watching Jack plie. But I digress....

It was about at that point that I said "Do you want me to show you how a real ballerina twirls?" Of course, Lily and Jack were thrilled and moved out of the way. I set myself up to do a turn on one leg as shown in Fig. A. below, and started to twirl.

Unfortunately, I haven't twirled in some time and after turning about 180 degrees, I started to tilt on my axis, much like a planet. See Fig. B. below. As shown in the diagram, once I started to tilt, I knew I was heading for disaster.

In what seemed to me like slow motion, I started to fall sideways to the floor. At the same time, I continued to turn another 180 degrees and my left arm flew out to the side and caught on a chair seat. See Fig. C. My other hand reached to the ground to try and break the fall.

As I hit the floor, my arm remained hung up on the seat of the chair. It is really hard to diagram, but I ended up on my stomach with my right arm out in front of my and my left arm caught raised up behind me on the seat of the chair. See Fig. D.

The pain was immediate and unbearable. As I lay writhing on the floor and moaning, Jack came running over and jumped on top of me, saying "Make a slide, Mommy!" Lily was laughing. I could only croak out the words "Don't touch me! Mommy's hurt!" Right about then, the phone rang. It was my mother. I told her what happened, and Jack piped up in the background "You should be more careful."

I seriously thought I would need to go to the ER, but after icing my arm for about an hour and taking Ibuprofen, everything was okay. It's pretty stiff and sore, but it only really hurts if I try to put it in the position it was in when it got caught on the chair. Since I hardly ever walk around with my arm up in the air behind my back, it barely bothers me.

Once I got out the ice pack, the kids both tried to hurt themselves and demanded ice packs for their "injuries." Lily actually purposely hit her head on the floor. Shne said "I want to be like you, Mommy!"

Needless to say, I won't be doing any fancy ballet moves in the near future...or ever again.