Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's Under My Couch This Week -- EEK!

Due to our late bouts of sickness, I have not been regularly cleaning under the couch. I was horrified when I pulled out the couch today and found all of the following:

box of Kleenex
2 Birthday Cards to Jack
empty software box (so glad we were hanging onto this)
1 pink sock
Word Bus game board (with our names written on it in grease pencil)
2 plastic cocktail glass hangers shaped like monkeys
2 Little Petshop animals
2 Little People
4 children's books
numerous drawings on printer paper
toy car
knitting pattern with first page ripped off
2 pens
cat toy
2 rubber balls (one of which has shown up under the couch repeatedly)
outlet safety cover (glad it's doing its job)
2 barrettes
clear plastic container of unknown origin
Jack's hard hat
3 big lego pieces
toy digger
2 toy screws
Lily's knitty tool
Mr. Potato Head's ear, eye patch and hat
2 markers
broken tiara
2 unsharpened pencils
2 wooden blocks
pen cap
magnetic fish
magnetic building toys (several pieces)
seeing stone from McDonald's Happy Meal
3 small lego pieces
child's plastics fork
toy fire truck
yellow plastic ball
plastic bread roll (also making a repeat appearance)
cleaning tool for the carpet sweeper
paper plane shooter Jim made out of legos
knit alphabet block
1 pink Croc
3 Valentines to Lily
plastic dolphin bath toy
my brush
scotch tape
wind up monkey toy
2 magnets to the toy calendar
bag of Hall's cough drops
1 black plastic tube of unknown origin
small ring with pink flower on it

I'm curious how some things keep coming back despite the fact that I put them away each time. Today I threw out a small garbage bag of toys and put together a bag of toys to donate. If any of those show up under the couch next week, I will be very, very afraid.

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