Friday, December 14, 2007

A Brief Lexicon of Jackisms

For those of you who will be spending some time with Jack this Christmas, I've decided to create a helpful guide to Jack-Speak.

Adaddy: Granddaddy.

AIM-ah: Our neighbor, Emma. He seems to have a crush on her.

BEE: His binky. He can't be bothered to say the entire word, so he just refers to it by its first initial.

BEF: Our neighbor, Beth.

BIIIIIke: Bicycle, tricycle or motorcycle.

BOOboo: An injury. Often accompanied with a gesture indicating that he would like the injury to be kissed.

BOOK: What he wants read to him 24-7.

BREAKing: Most commonly used to describe actually breaking something. May also be used to mean taking apart, knocking over or opening something.

BUHee: Bird.

CAH: Car or vehicle with wheels.

CACKee: Cracker.

CAKE: Might mean cookies, cake or any type of sweet dessert. Also used to refer to anything that looks like it might be a sweet dessert. Variant: CAKE-ee.

COAT: An essential if he will be going outside. Usually accompanied with a gesture towards his stomach.

CUCK-ah: Yucky. Usually refers to a poopy diaper or something he knows he should not eat. Often used by us to deflect him from wanting things like candy or cookies.

DOWM: Down.

DownTARE: Downstairs. Indicates he would like to go into the playroom.

eye-CREEEEEM: Ice cream.

EYE-TEEE: Iced tea or any adult drink.

Foam: Telephone. Something he is obsessed with.

FUNNNeee: Used to describe himself whenever he does something he thinks is amusing.

HAT: An essential if he will be going outside. Usually accompanied with one hand pointing to his head, in case you don't understand.

HELP: Usually said when he is stuck somewhere, which is fairly often. See also STUUUUUCK.

HOWS: House.

KANGee: Candy. He loves candy but rarely gets any. He is often told that candy is CUCK-ah.

KAY-CUE: Thank you. Used without prompting if we're lucky.

KAYee: Kitty. See also OSHee and meOW.

KITE: Any flat item that is in the general shape of a kite. Also refers to shredded Kleenexes thrown into the air.

KUCK: Truck. Includes heavy equipment.

LEElie: Lily

MAma: Me

MEOW: The sound a cat makes or just another word for cat.

MESHee: Messy. Usually used to describe the state of his clothing after a meal. It is always an understatement.

MILK: Any type of drink. See also EYE-TEEEE.

NACK: Snack.

NIGH-NIGH: The act of going to bed.

OSHIE: Oskar

PApa: Jim

PEEE: Please. Used without prompting if we're lucky.

RANG: Rain. Variant: RANGing. Used to describe rain or the act of something liquid falling down from above, i.e., RANGing MILK (pouring milk from his high chair onto OSHIE).

RANG-ee: Grammy

RASHee: Rash. Lately he claims to be rashy on his chest, but we see no evidence of it.

SHOOOO: Shoe. An essential when going out and a preferred item of clothing indoors. Often refers to shoes he is wearing that belong to Mama, Lily or Papa.

snOOOOW: Snow.

STICKee: Sticker or sticky, depending on the context.

STUUUUUCK: Usually said in an extremely frustrated tone. Often leads him to ask for HELP.

TI-BOY: His version of tired boy. Used to describe himself when he is extremely sleepy.

UHoh: Something bad or disappointing has happened. This word usually precedes the discovery of a huge mess or mass destruction.

upTARE: Upstairs. Indicates he would like to go to bed.

WAH-fool: Waffle. His favorite breakfast food. May also be used to describe french toast and pancakes.

He does have a lot of other words he uses, but these are the ones we seem to hear most frequently. Especially "UHoh."

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