Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What Lily Drew

Lately, Lily has been very interested in drawing. She does most of her work on a magnetic doodle board, so we take a picture of her best work to save it. As a result, I can now present to you the artwork of Lily Deeds, complete with the artist's personal commentary on each picture. My comments are in italics.

This is a picture of flowers in a boat. They are sailing away to the sun. This picture reminds me of Picasso's sunflowers!

This is a picture of the princess cat. She is standing under the sun and you can see one piece of her crown on the ground. On the other side are two clouds and one is raining. This is my personal favorite of the three. There's something very sweet about the cat.

This is a picture of a turkey next to a piece of colored paper. Next to him are lines that represent sounds, and under that is a q-tip and a window. Next there is a flower by a cat who is next to a blank piece of paper. In the sky there is a sun, a basket, a space alien and another window. This picture sure has a lot going on! I love that she uses all of the available "canvas" to draw her pictures.

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