Monday, December 17, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This is day two of the Marathon O' Packing. Why is it that I have to do all of the packing? Is there some handbook for husbands out there that says "The wife shall pack while the husband watches TV?"

This is the first time I've had to pack for four people going to a place where we have to bring EVERYTHING. Going to my parents' house? Easy. They have car seats, a pack'n'play, toys, a stroller and a high chair. We just bring a few outfits and the kids. For this vacation, where we will be staying in three different places, we have to bring the car seats and the stroller. We're borrowing a pack'n'play, thank goodness. We'll also be bringing three suitcases because we won't necessarily have convenient access to a washing machine for most of our trip, and we would like to bring as many of the presents back with us as possible.

And, then there's the plane trip itself. This is the first time we will be flying with two kids on a 6 hour flight. We've packed a bunch of small things to entertain them. I got enough little presents to give one each hour. We have a portable DVD player. We won't necessarily use it on the plane, but it will be crucial on the two 5 hour drives we have to make during the trip. We're definitely bringing our computer, because, well, how can you not bring the computer? I basically had to beg Jim not to bring his work computer.

So, if you are in a Boston, NY or San Francisco airport tomorrow, look for us. We will be the family schlepping along with:

2 large suitcases
1 carry on suitcase
1 umbrella stroller
1 booster car seat
1 toddler car seat
1 laptop bag
1 carry on bag
2 small children

We will probably be the family with two cranky children, one harried father and one stressed out mom. Pray you don't get seated next to us!

If I could fast forward to the part where we are settling into our hotel room, I would. Got to get back to packing. I'd give you a list of everything we have to bring, but you would probably die of old age before you got to the end of it.

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