Saturday, December 15, 2007

Two Stories by Lily

I asked Lily if she wanted to tell a story for the blog. She had recently been scolded (again) for playing too rough with the cat, so she was in a bit of a bad mood. Here is the first story she told:

The Ugly Octopus

Once upon a time, there was a ugly octopus that really hated his mom and dad and he didn't want the Christmas tree lights on because he was horrified of all the presents his friends gave him. So he never kept the lights on, and he never liked the presents his friends gaved him and he hated his mom's hair.

(she paused to comment "Isn't that awful? That's an awful story, isn't that?" and then continued)

He hated his little baby brother and never looked at the cat and he didn't like all of the presents and he hated ever so much his slide. And he never went on it and he also never wanted to play inside with all his other friends, and he never ever let his friends give him a present because he hated to have presents a lot. And he never let his cat come in his room and he never wanted to play with anyone. That's the story!

(It took me a while to catch up because she was talking pretty fast toward the end, so she said "Why are you still typing? That's the story." Then she asked me to read it back, which I did, and she said "Wait, did I say he never wanted to play with his friends?" I said yes. She said "Oh." She seemed to be regretting her story. Then she said "I want to play with my Tyler and Emma friends, not the computer friends. I want it to be a bad story and that's the story." After a long pause, she said "I made a mistake, I want to do a good story." This is the second story:)

The Dragon and the Princess

(She started by saying again "I'm going to make a very big good story.") Once upon a time, there was a dragon and a princess. They both met each other and they always played together and they found a snow pan and they played with them, and they always played with the dog, the cat, the pumpkin, the santa, the reindeer, the candy wrapper, the snowflake, the cat and they played with everything. Every day they went out to play a game of fetch with their dog friend. Whenever they found a special toy they would give it to the dog. They always liked to play together and play with their baby brother and they always, always, always liked to do stuff like fun stuff like they liked to play with tree ornaments because they were so beautiful. When they saw them on TV they would let everyone know where they are. They always liked to put their ornaments on the tree and they always played on the computer whenever it has something to play and they always played together. The end.

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