Thursday, December 20, 2007

Four New Stories by Lily

The Pink Unicorn

The pink Unicorn lived in rainbow canyon and there were lots of dogs, but they wanted to eat the unicorn. So she always flew off to the woods but she flew so far she flew away from her home. But she found her way home and it was her dinner time. She ate. The end.

My Trip to San Francisco

I liked to see the fish in San Francisco. I like to go in the pool. Whenever there is something to eat I like to eat it. But when we eat pancakes I don't like the syrup. I am very welcome in San Francisco. I get to see the sea lions whenever I want to see them because I like them a lot. Whenever there's something good to do I always get to do it. I like to play at my real home but I think this is the best place to be a lot better. When you're here it's more better because you can see lots of things. The end.


Once upon a time, there was Susan and a cat. She found a new friend that was a cat but then the lady saw them that owned the pet store, but she always puts the pet that she sees that can't be taked care of and puts them in a cage and she saw that they did not be at home. She thought that they needed someone to take care of them. But someone did take care of them. The end.


Once upon a time there was a pillow that was named Pillow and the pillow always wwent everywhere that Lily went and he liked it when she went to the store to buy hot cocoa for him in the snowy winter. It was always a great day to be with Lily whenever she skipped across the street he would come with her. Once the pillow found a new thing to do. Lily didn't like it, she told him to stop, but he wouldn't. He used to like to do things with Lily but now he wanted his little pets with him. He always loved them. The end.

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