Monday, December 17, 2007

The Weekly Couch List

Yes, it's time for my weekly list of the stuff I found under my couch. I've mostly finished packing -- there are just a few things that I'll put in tomorrow, like toothpaste and shampoo. I also put in a lasagna for dinner and cleaned the living room. While I'm waiting for the lasagna to bake, I figured I might as well post the list.

You know you can't wait for it!

1 Christmas tree ornament
1 broken Christmas tree ornament
1 bridge for Thomas the Train
1 Miss Baby
1 plush dog
3 children's books
1 notice of settlement payout from the USDC Visa lawsuit (we're getting $25)
3 tins of magnets (Jack keeps throwing them behind the couch)
1 sippy cup with milk
2 binkies
1 GameBoy game
1 wooden block
1 wooden bead
1 wooden milk carton
1 pen
1 magnetic skirt for Lily's ballerina
1 neon glowstick (no longer glowing)
1 LED light that hangs from your ear
Remote to the playroom television
1 glass stone
3 socks (a pair and a single)
1 unused gift tag
1 hamster from the Little Pet Shop

As a bonus, and because we have moved the chair next to the couch in order to accommodate the tree, here's what I found under the chair:

1 half eaten apple (!!!!)
2 children's books
1 giant lego piece
1 glass stone
1 empty play dough container
1 magnetic tutu to Lily's ballerina
1 chip clip
1 cat toy
1 sippy cup with water

Normally, I wouldn't bother with the chair because nothing really goes under there. However, it appears the couch detritus is spreading to the chair now that they're so close together! Honestly, I'm a little concerned about the empty play dough container. I can't help but wonder where the play dough is. Hopefully, it hasn't been jammed in the DVD player or flushed down the toilet.

Just a few final thoughts before we head out on our Great Expedition tomorrow. The kids are very excited. Every time we got in the car today, Jack said "Go RIDEY PLAYne!" Lily was happy there was only "one more sleep" until the trip. Jack is a huge plane fan, so I can't wait to see him when he gets on a really big plane. The last trip to NC, the pilot let him sit in the cockpit and even press the buttons during the flight check. Jack was in toddler heaven.

Now that most of the packing is finished, I do feel a little less stressed. Of course, has Jim packed anything? No. Has he printed out the plane tickets and travel confirmations that I asked for last week? No. Has he ordered a cab for tomorrow morning? No. Has he taken our Christmas treats to the 2 neighbors? No. Has he dropped off a key for the neighbor kid who will look after the cats and the mail? No. I am afraid I will end up doing most, if not all of these things after the kids go to bed. What I'd really like to do is watch a movie (I bought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today) and relax. We'll see how that comes out!

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