Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And now a word from the kidlets....

SOME people want to see more posts about the kids. SOME people are getting tired of all the knitting posts. Dear SOME people -- it's the Knitting Olympics! Sheesh! Nobody complains to NBC or whoever is covering the Olympics this time that there are too many sports broadcasts.

Anyway, in order to keep SOME people happy, here are a few words from and about the kids.

Some funny things: Lily told me she had a really bad day at school yesterday. When I asked why, she said her "cart" broke at nap time. I eventually realized she meant her cot. As we left the school, I mentioned her bad day to the center director, who commented "Yes, those cots collapse all the time." Lily said "Well, I think it's because I'm 5 now."

Jack got to have a pop tart last week when we tried out GymStreet USA (great place for kids, by the way). They had an open house this weekend, so Jim and I took the kids to meet some of their friends there. We told the kids they could get something at the snack bar, and Jack repeatedly insisted he wanted a "monkey bar." We finally figured out that he wanted a "pop tart." He still insists they are monkey bars.

I bought Lily a detective kit a few weeks ago, because her new goal is to become a detective when she grows up. On the way home from school that evening, I told her I had bought a real detective kit with fingerprint powder and everything. She said, very seriously, "Does it have a gun?" I assured her I wouldn't buy a gun for a 5 year old.

Sweet story: The center director told me last week that one of Jack's classmates was crying after her mom left her at school. Jack went over and hugged her to try and make her feel better. He has also stopped crying when I leave him at school. He just insists I have to give him a hug and a kiss before I leave.

Sorry, that's all I've got. Sometimes the kids don't really do anything funny or interesting enough for me to blog about. Not much has been happening around here lately -- we do our play dates, the kids play and we knit. It's the knitting olympics!!!

Here is some cute to hold you over until something a bit more blogworthy happens:

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