Friday, August 1, 2008

Now With New Blog Links!

I've updated my blog links by getting rid of a few that don't interest me anymore and adding some new ones. Gotta change it up!

Very briefly:

(the customer is) Not Always Right: Hilarious stories about stupid customers. Good for at least one laugh a day!

A Wicked Good Yarn: Life and knitting from my friend Beth's point of view.

Behind the Counter: Snarky commentary by a former Wal-Mart employee. There's not much going on now, but the archive posts are a hoot.

Butterfly Yarns: What else is there to say? The best little yarn shop around.

Cake Wrecks: You'd better pray you don't get one of these cakes. This blog makes me laugh until I cry.

Can't Stop Knitting: My friend Lisa's blog -- she really can't stop knitting!

Fail Blog: Photo blog where the picture is worth 1,000 laughs.

I am Neurotic: Reading this blog will make you feel like the healthiest, sanest person you know.

New England Knitter: My friend Cathy's take on knitting and other good stuff.


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