Thursday, January 3, 2008

Photos 5, Wendy 0 (or Death to Blogger!)

This is getting so ridiculous. After another two hours of uploading, messing with the HTML code and searching through the help files, it looks like I have two problems: photo file size and some kind of a broken code issue. Do I look like a computer programmer to you? Once again, I cannot avoid the "post one photo and blog" issue that makes me hate Flickr with the fiery intensity of a thousand suns unless I want to monkey around with the pictures a whole lot. I don't want to monkey around with the pictures! Do you hear me, Internet? No more monkeying around with pictures! I won't do it!

I had twenty five photos to show you. I am not going to make 25 separate posts. As a result, one of the following will be the outcome of the mortal battle between me and Blogger:

1. You will have to come to my house to see the pictures. This is starting to sound like my favorite option because it requires NO EFFORT on my part. Take that, Blogger! You and your cursed low megabyte storage issues!

2. You will have to follow a link to my Snapfish account to see my pictures. The plus to this option is that you can order copies of photos if you want them. The downside is that it takes me even longer to upload a lot of photos to Snapfish than it does to Flickr, Photobucket or Blogger. Again, we're having that whole time suck issue that I want to avoid.

3. I will post a couple of pictures and you will just have to imagine all the cute Lily and Jack goodness you are missing (or come to my house and look at the pictures). If I could get over my irrational desire to poke Blogger in the eyes with a fork, I would probably go with this as a compromise option. As it is, I think I need to step away from all laptops, photo storage programs and anything with the word HTML on it for some time.

Is there no other option for the Mac user? Why do I have to struggle with these stupid programs. Does the Internet not know people want to look at my kids?

Let me try one thing here:


Do you see a photo? If so, you should see an image of Jack ready to roll out of the parking lot when we got to San Francisco on day one. I know it's huge....this is my problem. Let me see if I can make it smaller. Hmmm. One of the wonderful features of Blogger is that I can't always see it when I've made a change. I'm pretty sure the picture is still huge, but whatever. You don't like huge pictures, you can come to my house. You see, we can always go back to my favorite option, No. 1.

Now it is telling me I can't save this post, so who knows if anyone will see it. Do you think it's because I wrote "Death to Blogger" in my title?

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